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Ransomware attacks are getting more problematic, attacking businesses, councils, and public bodies like the HSE. Thinking it will not happen to you is at best risky and at worst extremely damaging for the security of your business. So, in this article, we will outline how to protect you and your business from ransomware. But firstly…


What is ransomware?

It’s a type of malware that will encrypt a computer’s data, rendering it unusable until a ransom is paid to the hacker. Much like a virus, ransomware is extremely threatening to a business as it can spread to a business’s clients, not to mention cause costly downtime on any infected device. Even if it only shuts down systems briefly, a ransomware attack can still cost a business thousands in downtime or a damaged reputation.


How to protect yourself from Ransomware


Cybersecurity training

This is first for a reason. Since your team is the first and weakest line of defence, scammers know that just one absent-minded click on any of the emails they send out en masse can be enough to entrap an employee’s data. The better your team is at spotting the tell-tale signs of a scam, the stronger your human firewall will be.


Use a VPN when necessary

When using public Wi-Fi VPNs are the number one method for ensuring safety. Public Wi-Fi, typically found in airports and coffee shops does not have the same level of protection that your office Wi-Fi will. Thankfully accessing it through a VPN puts a protective layer between you, the public Wi-Fi and the cybercriminal.


Make sure everything is up to date

One of the main reasons your software creates updates is so that it can remain one step ahead of the cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are constantly figuring out new ways of outsmarting anti-virus software, so make sure you keep on top of software updates and system patches to ensure your defences are as up-to-date as possible.


Have a good backup and disaster recovery solutions

Despite a business’s best efforts, ransomware can still, on occasion, get into a business’s IT. This means that should the worst happen, there is one solution you will need to rely on; being able to wipe your systems clean and restore them from a clean backup. We may not associate a cyber-attack as a form of disaster, but when that cyber-attack has the ability to cripple an entire business and to potentially harm its clients and suppliers too, a robust backup and disaster recovery plan could be the difference between recovery and defeat.


Protecting against ransomware is essentially just good cybersecurity 101. And there are many basic measures and habits that can be done easily, like using a VPN. But if you really want to know how to protect yourself from ransomware, working with an experienced partner is the way to ensure you are not leaving any security gap open. If you are ready to protect your business with everything it needs, we can offer a Ransomware Audit so, you can take the first step towards complete peace of mind for your business.