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Cyber Security Awareness Training

It’s estimated that up to 80% of SME security breaches are caused by a company’s staff. This is why training them to be aware of threats, is the most important thing you can do to protect your business from cybercrime.

Your Human Firewall Is Your Most Important Piece of Cyber Security

Your people are both your first and weakest line of defence against phishing scams since they’re prone to human error – unlike firewalls. When your team is cyber aware, your human firewall becomes strengthened and your business ceases to be low hanging fruit to cyber criminals. Cyber awareness training for employees also has a number of additional benefits that will help to boost your bottom-line long term.

Prevent Security Breaches, Attacks, and Downtime

A business that suffers any of the above will suffer huge dips in productivity and usually another financial hit in trying to recover. Downtime for some businesses can cost thousands in lost revenue every day, all from one careless click on a phishing email.

Build a Strong Cyber Security Culture Within Your Business

When your business’s culture is security-focused and good security practices are second nature to every employee, it protects your business in every area where technology can’t. From work from home practices to social media habits outside working hours.

Build Trust and Confidence With Your Customers

Every business wants to know that they’re working with a team that takes cyber security seriously. Your customers will be no exception. As you build trust and your relationship with them deepens, their loyalty will increase and you can learn how to solve their problems even better – ideally upselling them in the process.

Stay in Line With Compliance Regulations

Since the introduction of GDPR businesses have had to take extra care protecting their customers’ data. In the event of an attack, if any failure to adhere to GDPR is detected then that can spell serious financial penalties for the business at fault. A small investment in training can protect against a host of legal and financial issues later on.

Cyber security awareness training for employees meets your security needs head-on and can generate a range of other benefits for your business.

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Here Are Some of the Cyber Security Bodies and Partners We Work With

Our Network Security is provisioned by industry leaders and developed for flexibility and compatibility with the most relied-upon business solutions.
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Our Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees and Business Leaders Consists of the Following Two Options

In Person Training

A simple, education and awareness focused, hour-long training, in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of room for Q&A. The training is designed to cover all cyber security scenarios possible and help employees understand the key role they play in the security of the business.

Automated Mock Phishing Attacks

These fake phishing attacks will be sent out to your team, testing them on their ability to spot phishing. Should your staff make any mistakes, they’ll be corrected automatically. These campaigns are automated and can run over extended periods of time so as to be more effective.

Cyber security awareness training for employees shouldn’t be a one-time occurrence. With cybercriminals refining their methods it’s best practice to keep you and your team update too. So, with a combination of regular, ongoing training coupled with regular, automated phishing attacks you can keep your team alert and up to date. Click the link to book a meeting with one of our experts today, so you can set your training in motion.

Client Testimonials

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When it comes to building cyber defences and upskilling, BITS have helped us make better decisions enabling us to protect our business”

Paddy Phelan – CEO
3 Counties Energy Agency
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Our team is now fully trained in cyber security awareness and feels a lot more confident about spotting cyber attacks and threats.”

Michael Murphy – Managing Director
PS Ireland

Our training can help your organisation strengthen its human firewall, reduce the overall risk of a cyber-attack, protect its assets, bottom line, and achieve the kind of peace of mind that any business needs to do great work.

If your business is ready to start taking its cyber security seriously, fill out the form to book cyber security awareness training for your team.