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Azure Business Solutions

Deliver the business solutions you need with no costly hardware or maintenance required. With our Microsoft Azure solutions, nothing is ever out of reach.

A Complete Cloud Solution Catalogue

As your business grows, your technical demands grow with it and so too does the cost of your hardware, maintenance and data storage. Azure business solutions allow your evolving business to make informed, proportionate technical investments without sacrificing flexibility.

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing service, designed to provide a business’s every technical need. By virtualising hardware in the Cloud, our Azure Solutions deliver a wealth of technical possibilities; so, from data storage to networking, analytics to automation, you’ve all the services you need, without any costly hardware investments.

Endless Scalability

Grow and shrink your technical requirements with ease. With almost all Azure solutions being scalable, you’re never left suffering from surplus solutions.

Better Budgeting

No subscription packages and no upfront costs. Pay only for the services you use, and only for the duration you use them.

For Every Step of Your Journey

Azure business solutions support the small to medium business just as well as they do Fortune 500 companies. With hundreds of technologies available, you’re never too big or too small for Azure.

Security Assured

Storage Service Encryption from Microsoft means your data is protected at all times – whether coming, going or at rest.

Reduced Hardware Requirements

Run powerful virtualised devices with reduced hardware and maintenance costs. Networking, desktop computers and virtualised servers mean your infrastructural needs are covered.


Provide for your on-site tech as well as your online solutions. Azure Solutions are especially suited to the Hybrid Cloud environment, so you’re covered wherever your technical setup resides.

The Azure Delivery

Azure business solutions aren’t only a means of service delivery; they’re designed to be nothing less than everything your business needs, built around your scope and budget.


Never invest in surplus solutions. With Azure, you decide all the bandwidth, storage space or processing power you need to get the job done.


No business is the same – and nor should their technical solutions be. Azure gives you the tools to provide bespoke, business-specific solutions.


Microsoft keeps Azure running from their datacentres – no need to manage servers or upkeep, and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.


Pay only for what you need, as and when you need it. You’ll never pay for anything you don’t use with Azure’s manageable pricing model.

From Beginning to End, and Beyond

It’s not just a migration to Azure business solutions that you want complete confidence in – it’s the after-care support and management that truly makes the difference. At BITS, we provide both, and beyond.


We base our migration plan on your business aspirations, working to a system and schedule that suits your business and is planned around your processes.


We migrate your systems without compromising your online and offline solutions – leaving you to work unhindered as we perfect your Hybrid environment.


We test, troubleshoot and optimise your Azure environment, ensuring nothing’s finalised until it’s running perfectly.


With our extended support, the speed, security and proficiency of your Azure business solutions setup is assured – both now and into the future.

Support across all sectors

Our Microsoft Azure Solutions serve multiple businesses over a range of sectors – and drive their ongoing business success.

See how our Microsoft Azure Solutions helped a long-running Irish accountancy firm resolve their infrastructural, Remote Working and data security requirements with a Virtual Desktop experience through Azure.

With BITS, and the Azure platform’s public cloud solution, we have an efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure, one that caters to our current needs and positions us optimally for our expected growth over the coming years.”

Explore the Business Possibilities of Azure

With over 50+ years of combined experience and over 325 satisfied clients, we’re industry-leading specialists in the delivery of Microsoft Azure Solutions, Managed IT Services and Intelligent Cyber Security in Ireland.

Our Azure business solutions have enabled businesses from a range of sectors to work remotely, connect with their clients and discover transformative new ways of working. For any queries around Azure – or any other IT requirements – let us help.

For any queries around Azure – or any other IT requirements – let us help.