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Transform your workplace with industry-leading expertise in the delivery of Cloud, Managed IT Services and Intelligent Security solutions.

IT Services

Onsite & Remote IT support from desktop to server room. Connect, Secure & Modernise your IT to drive business success.

Managed Services

We offer a wide range of Managed Services for your business including Printing, IT Support, IT Remote Monitoring, IT Security and Online Backups.

Security Services

We provide comprehensive security solutions to our clients that allow them to carry out their work, safe in the knowledge that their computer network and vital company data is protected and secure.

Network Services

We offer a wide range of network services for your business including wireless networking, VOIP and phone systems as well as management of your data.

Cloud Services

We have carried out numerous migrations to the cloud and we work with our clients to implement the best solution for their business.

Compliance Services

At BITS, we understand all the IT aspects of GDPR and we offer a range of services to help organisations/businesses with their GDPR compliance.

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Latest News

What is a VPN and why do I need one?

What is a VPN and why do I need one?

You may have heard of VPNs within a work from home or remote work context. As we’ll learn below, they’re a key element of good cyber security. However, they can do a little more than protect you from malware. But before we go into the reasons why you need one, let’s...

Secure Remote Working: The Myths, Mistruths and Misconceptions

Secure Remote Working: The Myths, Mistruths and Misconceptions

2020 challenged us to make drastic changes to the way we engaged with our work. Not only that, it challenged us to implement those as fast as possible. For many of us, this change was riddled with uncertainties – how safe is remote working? How easy is it to set up?...

The Ransomware Attack Striking “Right to the Core” of the HSE

The Ransomware Attack Striking “Right to the Core” of the HSE

On Friday the 14th of May, the HSE was hit by a ransomware attack that Ossian Smyth, the Minister for Public Procurement and eGovernment, described as “the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish State”. The ransomware, believed to be human...

The Types of Phishing You Should Know About

The Types of Phishing You Should Know About

Last year Irish businesses lost €4,000 on average to fraud. With the whole world now working online, it’s hardly surprising; home WiFi and out of office security are typically much easier for criminals to outsmart. Since remote working is here to stay we must ensure...

BITS turns 20

BITS turns 20

Celebrating 20 years of BITS! 2021 ushers in our 20th year as BITS. Needless to say, we’re delighted to have been delivering on our business dream for two decades now – and grateful for every client that has helped us on our journey to this fantastic milestone. Over...

Kenny, Whelan & Company

Kenny, Whelan & Company

Remote Working Solutions to Help This Financial Services Company Overcome the Challenges of COVID-19

10 Top Cybersecurity Tips

10 Top Cybersecurity Tips

With remote working becoming a more permanent option, even with lockdown easing in the months to come, having a robust cybersecurity strategy that supports your remote workforce is essential. We have recognised the need for cybersecurity over the last number of years,...

Cyber Security Training Is More Vital Now Than Ever

Cyber Security Training Is More Vital Now Than Ever

Cyber security is a top priority for businesses, and a business is only as strong as its weakest link; if you do not have your team cyber security trained, your chances of combatting the various forms of cyber-attacks are limited.   Why you need to get your team...

Client Testimonials

BITS came in and took over the management of the network and for the first time we had a true, fully outsourced solution. We’ve been very happy with their approach and the overall improvement in the IT network. Business IT Solutions are very proactive and are working with us on an on-going basis to continue to develop the network.”

Manager, Pembroke Hotel

“BITS even took care of all the communications needed with the providers of the software tools we’d need. And we got the peace of mind of a period of free after-sales service. Basically, BITS gave me the confidence that they would take care of everything! There was no over-promising and under-delivery – they simply did everything that they said they would do.”

Managing Partner & Founder, Long & Company

“With BITS help, our new approach to on-line data management is easy to manage, and their flexible approach to post-service support means that we are always able to contact them if and when we need them.”

Chief Executive, KCLR

“We’ve been working with BITS for years as our IT Provider and as we have evolved and changed over the years, so too has BITS. We find their technical support team second to none and their professional approach and client focused attitude was key to ensuring we were able to smoothly move into our new offices recently.”

Maryborough Family Practice

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