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Cyber Security Audit and Risk Assessment 


Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive cyber security audit and risk assessment. By conducting a thorough analysis of your systems, we will help you strengthen your security posture and streamline the cyber security insurance process.

Why Conduct a Cyber Security Audit?

In the current threat environment, your business needs to ensure that your cyber security posture is as robust as possible. Conducting a cyber security audit will help to identify weaknesses, resolve issues and strengthen your defences.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Through a comprehensive review of your business’ IT infrastructure, we will identify any potential vulnerabilities or areas for improvement.

Protect Your Reputation

Security incidents can damage your business’ reputation. Conducting regular cyber security audits will ensure you avoid preventable breaches.

Mitigate Risk of Breaches

Gain insights into how to address and mitigate vulnerabilities in your security posture, helping to avoid the risk of breaches.

Avoid Financial Damages

Cyber security audits help you avoid the severe financial repercussions of suffering from a cyber attack or breaching compliance.

Remain Compliant

Our cyber security audit will help you to reveal any non-compliant processes and ensure that you adhere to key regulations such as GDPR.

Aid Cyber Security Insurance

Our cyber security audit will help you to reveal any non-compliant processes and ensure that you adhere to key regulations such as GDPR.

What Does Our Cyber Security Audit Cover?

Our cyber security audit will analyse and assess key areas of your IT infrastructure, systems and security posture, including:

Data Security

We will review your network access controls, data encryption standards and paths for sensitive information, to protect your valuable data.

Operational Security

To keep your business compliant and secure, we will assess your information security policies, procedures and controls.

Network Security

To protect your business’ network, our cyber security audit will review your network controls, antivirus configurations and network monitoring.

System Security

We will secure your systems by assessing your patching, privileged account management and access controls.

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How We Structure Our Cyber Security Audit

There are four essential stages to our cyber security audit:


First, we liaise with key personnel in your business and find out more about your organisation and how you use (or plan to use) technology to achieve your overall goals.


We then discuss your current pain points and discover how mature your current security posture is and any improvements you would like to make.


We then bring one of our Security Engineers onsite to carry out an audit of your infrastructure and network security. Simultaneously, a remote Cloud Engineer will log into your Cloud- based services and audit that environment.


We generate a report to flag any identified issues. We use traffic light colour coding to help identify the critical issues fast. This report will include costs to remedy any issues and medium and long-term plans to rectify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.

Robust and Reliable

Discover how our cyber security audit has helped businesses across Ireland strengthen their security posture.
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The way BITS worked with us to manage this project was second to none. The process was completed with the minimum of disruption to our network and the move of email to the cloud has been a great benefit to the business…”
Declan Rice
Kilkenny LEADER Partnership
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BITS gave me the confidence that they would take care of everything! There was no over-promising and under-delivery – they simply did everything that
they said they would do.”
Declan Long
Managing Partner & Founder, Long & Company

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