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Microsoft Teams Voice

Turn Microsoft Teams into the complete comms package. With Teams Voice, your every communication need is catered to – from large-scale video conferences to the humble telephone call.

Complete Calling Capabilities

Teams Voice brings your workplace telephony into your Microsoft Teams software, so whatever device you use to run Teams, you’re able to call and be called without exception.

Consolidated Calling

Provide an all-inclusive calling solution that keeps your comms central and your costs consolidated

Endlessly Flexible

The Cloud keeps your every channel available from anywhere – whatever device you’re using

Ready for Remote

Ensure remote users can call without compromise with their preferred channels always available

Crystal Clear Communication

Overcome the issues of telephone calling quality with clear, Cloud-delivered audio that makes every voice heard

Built for Collaboration

Add Teams-enabled features to your everyday calling via a single, simple add-on

Security and Privacy

Let remote workers use their own devices – without sacrificing their personal numbers or privacy

Provide unparalleled communicative capabilities with a Microsoft Teams Voice Solution.

The Talk of Your Teams

Teams Voice makes no compromises to your current calling package, instead adding it to your Teams solutions and evolving it with the extra added functions you’d expect from Microsoft’s Cloud collaborative app.

Total Telecom Control

Call routing, queuing and call forwarding to any Teams-compatible device mean your system provides more flexibility than ever before

Direct Routing

No need to abandon your current calling plan – simply migrate your provider into teams and bring your existing numbers with you

Easy Auto-Conferencing

Automatically provide call-in numbers for conferences and let your audience dial in easily

Transcribe Text and Voice

Transcribe voice calls directly to your Exchange email, or have your text converted into automated voice messages

Unconditional Calling

Call and be called from any telecoms device. With Teams Voice, hardware, software or connection type simply aren’t a factor

Ongoing Support

You’re covered 7 days a week by Microsoft’s support – or all day every day with BITS’ 24/7 IT Management Plan

Support for Almost All Sectors

Our Teams Voice and telephony solutions serve multiple businesses over a range of sectors, helping to keep them connected and collaborative.
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“The installation was seamless, with no hiccups and well within our timeframe. As we got close to opening day, it became obvious that we needed further assistance and advice in relation to the other aspects of our IT setup, data security and phone systems. The team at BITS fully engaged with us, they listened to what we wanted. With their expert industry knowledge, BITS were able to offer us solutions that made us feel satisfied that it was being fully taken care of”

John Dargan

“We moved from our old, conventional phone system to a Teams based VOIP system in 2020. The Teams system is much more flexible, it facilitates remote working and means that staff members are much easier to contact, and the passing of calls is now independent of location. The hands-free headsets are also a big advance on the old system. BITs did an excellent job on both installation and follow up care. Their technical knowledge is solid, and their client service is as good as I have ever seen.”

Padraig Doheny, Practice Manager
Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors

Transform your Telecoms

If you want to implement modern technology solutions and get ahead of the curve, outsourcing your IT with BITs will be the most significant step you make. It will make your IT stress-free, and enable you to freely pursue your business goals.

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