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Microsoft Azure Online Backups

Businesses increasingly prefer online backups over on-site solutions. Providing not only many organisational advantages but also increased security, find out why Azure is our preferred solution.

Cost efficiency and minimal maintenance with Azure

The development of Cloud Computing Services has revolutionised the way businesses can manage and store their files and folders. They are not only more easily managed than traditional backup systems, but they are also incredibly cost efficient. At BITS we offer online backup using Microsoft Azure. Find out why Azure is our go-to option.

Increased productivity

With Azure, you remove the need for labour-intensive management of tapes and external hard drives, which saves your organisation time and increases your team’s productivity. Backup storage with Azure doesn’t only save you time, it also decreases your vulnerability.

Remote location

Azure backups are stored in a dedicated Data Centre that brings with it high security and availability. This also allows your employees easier access in case you work in a hybrid setting.

Fast recovery

Thanks to your data being stored offsite, backup storage with Azure also allows you to easily and quickly recover your data should you ever have the need to. No matter the location, the high frequency of data backups allows you to quickly restore your latest files and folders.

Easily customised

Is your company growing? Do you need to increase your Cloud storage? As your capacity requirements increase over time you can easily adapt your configuration with Azure. Your Cloud storage can be tailored to your unique business requirements.

Lower hardware costs

No more upfront capital investments, no more hard disks or physical storage space needed—with the Cloud you no longer need to deal with these time and labour costs. Azure backups also have much longer retention periods than those typically available from tape or hard drive backups.

Fully monitored

With Azure, you are not only enjoying more efficiency and safety, you also don’t have to worry about installation or maintenance. As a managed service, your Azure backups will be updated and serviced by us, with no effort needed from your side.

Support across all sectors

Our Microsoft Azure Solutions serve multiple businesses over a range of sectors – and drive their ongoing business success.
Read about how BITS introduced Pembroke Hotel to their online backup software in order to provide secure data management and storage.

BITS came in and took over the management of the network and for the first time we had a true, fully outsourced solution. Business IT Solutions are very proactive and are working with us on an on-going basis to continue to develop the network.”

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Our solution Offers:

The backup of data is all about having layers in place, and Azure Online Backups is one of those layers. It offers a scalable, reliable, secure and encrypted environment for your files and folders.

Fully managed 24/7

We continuously monitor your data backups. Should your online backup fail for any reason, a ticket is logged with our helpdesk and our technical staff immediately focuses on identifying the cause of the failure and remedying the situation.

Data Encryption

Our backups are configured to use high grade data encryption, so that your data cannot be intercepted. This ensures secure transmission of your data both to and from the datacentre.

Bandwidth Optimisation

Our online backup service with Azure provides a mixture of full, incremental & differential backups of data to ensure that minimum bandwidth is used. This minimises your cost and minimises the time required for data transmission.

Retention for Online Backups and Availability

Each Azure backup is retained for a standard time of 30 days but can be extended up to 3 months if required. The datacentre also guarantees 99.9% availability of your data.

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