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Email Security

90% of security threats originate from targeted email campaigns, making your company inboxes your most targeted areas for cyber-attack. With BITS email security, yours are defended by multiple protective layers that monitor the entirety of your web client – inbound, outbound and everything in between.

Filter out the Threats to your People and Processes

Email remains one of the business world’s most exploited technologies. With cyber criminals capitalising on errors both human and technical, it’s often your first line of defence against growing cyber threats. Our Email Security solutions help to uphold your company’s protective policies – safeguarding sensitive data and resisting unwanted intruders.

Defend Your Frontline

Block spam, viruses and volume-based attacks before they infiltrate your infrastructure.


Cloud-hosted means an always-evolving, always available solution – without any reliance on hardware or software provisions.


Allow greater freedom of work, protected at every connection. Our security defends both inside and outside of your company premises.

Managed by Us

Setup, installation, migration and management are all handled by BITS, making your mail server one less thing to tackle.

If you’re unsure where your protective priorities lie, or are looking to review your company security solutions, our expertly trained security specialists are here to help.

Recognition, Accreditations and Awards

Our Email Security is provisioned by industry leaders and developed for flexibility and compatibility with the most relied-upon business solutions.
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Protect Your Most Targeted Technology

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software

Spot malicious communications before they hit your inbox – and eliminate any dangerous payloads before they enter your systems

Quarantined for Caution 

Take no chances; if anything illicit finds its way in, smart content recognition quarantines the offending email for your review – and remediation

Evolving Anti-Spam Protection

Combat new phishing techniques and campaigns with fast-acting security. Our protections are rapidly updated to spot the latest cybercrime efforts 

Company Compliant

Our email security works extensively to the standards of your company’s bespoke policies, providing meticulous management over incoming and outbound data

Simplified Systems

A user-friendly interface offering full control, summary and reporting options gives you full visibility of your security posture and performance.

Easily Implemented

Setup and management are simple, with no extra provisions needed, no hardware investments and a reliable, Cloud-based client

Stop cyber threats at the first point of contact – and stay ahead of the curve with evolving anti-spam solutions. Talk to BITS today about your email security.

Multiple Sectors, Multiple Solutions

BITS’ complete technical solutions ensure your business, has the technical and personal support to stay proficient and protected. Our Case Studies page explores the breadth of our business solutions – and their long-lasting impact on our clients’ success.

Client Testimonials

With over 50+ years of combined experience and over 325 satisfied clients, we’re industry-leading specialists in the delivery of Managed Cyber Security. Our Email Security solutions have protected our clients’ frontlines, provided extra protective insight and helped users develop an even better understanding of inbound security threats.
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The way BITS worked with us to manage this project was second to none. The process was completed with the minimum of disruption to our network and the move of email to the cloud has been a great benefit to the business…”
Declan Rice, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership
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BITS gave me the confidence that they would take care of everything! There was no over-promising and under-delivery – they simply did everything that they said they would do.”
Declan Long Managing Partner & Founder, Long & Company

Eradicate Inbox Intruders with BITS

Don’t leave your most vulnerable point of entry unguarded. Deploy anti-spam and anti-viral email protection that battens down the virtual hatches. Talk to us today about our expertly implemented defences.