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Managed Backup & Recovery

Can you recover if you suffer sudden data loss or a crashed server?With our managed backup & recovery services you can rest easy and stop worrying about data loss or faulty hardware. Secure offsite backups let us recover any data and have you back up and running in no time.

Managed Backup & Recovery

Backup solutions for businesses have changed significantly over the last number of years with the development of Cloud Computing Services. Online (off-site) backups have become more popular because they offer major advantages over tapes/external hard drives. Those advantages include:

  • The removal of the need for labour-intensive human intervention saves your organisation time and increases your team’s productivity. Less work by your people also removes the risk of making mistakes in the use and handling of tapes and external hard drives.
  • Data is stored away from your buildings so that, should a disaster occur at your site, your data will be safe.
  • Restoration of data is fast and this means your organisation can recover extremely fast from any incidents of data loss.
  • Retention periods are much greater than those typically available from tape/hard drive backups.
  • Your data is stored in a dedicated Data Centre that provides high security and availability.
  • As your capacity requirements increase over time you simply adapt your configuration – thereby avoiding any capital expenditure.


At BITS we offer online backup using Microsoft Azure. Azure Backup is a powerful yet simple backup solution that resides on the cloud and which offers a rich set of capabilities that can be configured for your specific needs. For example you can easily specify the files, folders and machines to be backed up. You can also choose the frequency of such backups. Along with these options Azure Backup also offers minimal maintenance and cost-efficiency, easy recovery of data, and secure data protection.

Our solution offers:

Monitoring (Fully Managed 24×7): We continuously monitor your data backups. In the event that your online backup fails for any reason, a ticket is logged with our helpdesk and our technical staff immediately focus on identifying the cause of the failure so that the issue can be remedied.
Data Encryption: Backups are configured to use high grade data encryption. This ensures secure transmission of your data both to and from the datacentre.
Bandwidth Optimisation: Our backup service provides a mixture of full, incremental & differential backups of data to ensure that minimum bandwidth is used. This minimises your cost and also minimises the time required for data transmission.
Retention for online backups and availability: Each backup is retained for 30 days but this can be extended up to 3 months if required. The datacentre also guarantees 99.9% availability of your data.

Overall, Azure Backup offers a scalable, reliable, secure and encrypted cloud solution for your backup needs.

Managed Backup & Recovery

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