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With remote working becoming a more permanent option, even with lockdown easing in the months to come, having a robust cybersecurity strategy that supports your remote workforce is essential. We have recognised the need for cybersecurity over the last number of years, but even more so over the last 12 months. This blog outlines the top tips your business needs to stay secure while working remotely.


The top tips you need to keep your remote workforce safe


1. Don’t delay updates

Once that notification comes through to update your software, we recommend actioning them as quickly as possible. This update will have been designed to keep your systems more secure and streamlined by fixing any potential vulnerabilities to keep your data safe. We have recently changed our client’s security software to one that includes automatic installation of these updates (called “patches”) and it has had a positive impact on keeping systems up-to-date.


2. Use VPNs

Using a VPN is essential, especially when working from home, to connect employees to your business network and environment securely. If you want to keep cybercriminals out of your business, a VPN provides a secure connection, so your remote workforce can safely access the information they need to carry out their job.


3. Prevent people from being the weak link

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and all it takes is one click. The best way to prevent this is to equip your staff with the knowledge they need to identify suspicious content. This risk is exasperated when working from home due to the distance and reduced communication, so it’s vital your team have been cybersecurity trained to create a culture that is cybersecurity aware and conscious.


4. Watch out for phishing emails

Malicious emails can find a way into your inbox without your team noticing and can contain forms of malware and ransomware that have the potential to cripple businesses. Tying in with the above point, ensure that your team know what to look out for and get them trained today. If you don’t have one of our Anti-Spam elements scanning your email for such malicious content, it might be time to look at this again.


5. Improve Passwords and MFA

You will have heard it before, but the more complex your password is, the better. Ensure your team has different passwords for their business and personal accounts; the more variety, the greater protection. Further shielding can be enforced using multi-factor-authentication, which adds another layer of security, keeping your accounts safer.




6. Keep personal devices separate

Using personal devices to access your data while working from home is a risky move to make. Your personal accounts will contain confidential financial information and other private data, which could be intercepted if you’re not careful. Therefore, ensure your remote workforce are accessing data through work devices and a secure network to keep your employee’s safe.


7. Wi-Fi and home networks

Home networks are generally less secure than office environments, so ensure your employees have the right solutions implemented, such as a VPN that can protect IP addresses, encrypt data, and mask your staff’s location. This is an extra layer of protection for your workforce so you can keep cybercriminals at bay and secure home networks.


8. Don’t send sensitive information over email or text

Emails, team chat and text messages are forms of communication that are easy platforms for your team to keep connected through; however, they can be intercepted by hackers. A good alternative for sharing sensitive data is an encrypted file sharing tool, which can become part of your business’s technology stack.


9. Control access for your remote workforce

The less access granted to an employee, the less a cybercriminal will have access to your businesses’ confidential data, should they gain control of an employee’s system.


10. Always be aware!

Whether in the office or working from home, your cybersecurity strategy should always be updated and revised to ensure it evolves alongside the threat landscape. Staying on top of your business’s cybersecurity is the best way to keep it robust.




Ready to master cybersecurity for your remote workforce?

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