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What is an IT Security Audit?

An IT security audit is an assessment of a business’s IT systems, applications, management, operations, data use, and other related processes. All businesses require a well-functioning IT system in order to run smoothly and efficiently. It’s important for business owners and management to understand the potential risk to your business if security is compromised.


What’s Assessed in an IT Security Audit?

  • Your organisations existing IT infrastructure.
  • Any security measures implemented within the system to fight against security threats.
  • Improvement recommendations to future-proof your IT infrastructure.


What is the Purpose of an IT Security Audit?

An IT security audit is recommended to ensure that your cyber-defences are up-to-date and not lacking in any area. If systems are up-to-date and working efficiently, they will be able to effectively respond to the threats posed by hackers who manipulate IT systems. A single vulnerability in your IT system can result in hackers stealing private data and information or to implement a Ransomware attack, invoice redirection scam, etc. Businesses are obvious targets for cybercriminals and Irish businesses are no exception.

A common mistake of smaller business owners is to assume that cybercriminals will only go after the bigger companies but in reality, they will target all business’s and potentially have more success with a smaller business as they may not have the resources to focus on IT security. That’s where BITS can help. We have a team of Cyber Security professionals who will assist you and your business, carry out the audit and implement the recommendations to improve the overall security posture for your business.


The Importance of IT Security Audits

IT security audits represent a critical step for businesses aiming to enhance their overall security stance. Through comprehensive IT security audits, businesses can formulate effective risk assessment plans and make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity migration strategies.


A number of businesses fail to prioritise cybersecurity and become content with the measures they have already implemented. IT security audits pinpoint areas of vulnerability in current company practices such as weak entry points, inadequate email policies, or lack of cybersecurity awareness within a team. Through IT audits, companies can rectify these gaps before they’re exploited, protecting them against various cybersecurity threats with potentially severe consequences.


How Frequently is an IT Security Audit Required?

IT audits should be carried out once a year, however it really depends on the size of an individual business. For large organisations dealing with multiple IT systems and detailed procedures, the necessity for IT security audits may be more frequent. Smaller businesses, which depend on simpler IT infrastructure and have limited budgets, are likely to rely on annual IT audits. Performing an IT security audit earlier than scheduled may be required, for example, if your business has made any changes in company policies or procedures.


Reach out to our team today if you believe your IT security systems could benefit from an expert review. We offer various ways to help ensure your business stays safe, secure, and equipped with the latest equipment and software.