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Prioritise Data Backup: Don’t Take Risks with Your Business’s Vital Information

We’re here to emphasise that business data loss is a serious matter!


If you haven’t backed up your business data yet, you are putting your organisation at risk. The risk of losing everything is substantial. Without a backup server, files, or data recovery services, your business’s continuity is in jeopardy.


Ensuring protection against complete loss of business data is paramount. Imagine scenarios like getting hacked, experiencing a hard drive crash, or accidentally spilling coffee on your keyboard. In such situations, having a secure remote or offsite backup ensures that crucial operational data can be retrieved safely.

According to tech and business industry pillars, consider this:

  • < 50% of surveyed small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no disaster recovery service in event of a catastrophic data loss (Symantec)
  • 20% of SMBs don’t do daily backups; and 43% of those that don’t back up daily think it’s a waste of time (Paragon Software Group)
  • 93% of companies that lose a data centre for > 10 days file for bankruptcy within a year of the incident (National Archives & Records Administration)


There are further factors to consider when it comes to backing up your systems, preventing loss of business data, and ensuring the proper protection of your information.


Locally Created and Stored Backups vs Cloud Backup Services

A straightforward approach to backup services involves duplicating your data onto a local backup. For years, companies have relied on this method or other internal systems to preserve information. However, these methods are outdated and not the most reliable for data backup. They can be costly, prone to failures, and vulnerable to security breaches. Local backups lack reliability, and businesses often overlook the risks until files are lost.


Instead, by implementing a meticulously planned data backup and recovery strategy, partnering with a managed service provider can shield your business from threats using a real-time replication system customised to your needs. This solution not only simplifies management but also fits within your budget and aligns with your business requirements.


Another dependable option is backing up your data to the cloud. Many services are available that allow you to back up data over the Internet.


Consider solutions like Axcient, Datto, or Carbonite as prime examples. These widely used cloud-based backup options for SMBs can be facilitated by managed service providers. They operate as hybrid cloud solutions, where an onsite backup appliance at your location ensures near real-time network backups. To enhance security, the appliance subsequently transfers your data to the cloud, effectively storing it in an off-site data centre.


The benefit of utilising these services is that you eliminate concerns about losing or damaging physical drives, and reducing the risk of data loss. Moreover, there’s a minimal chance of your data being misplaced, as reputable solution providers are unlikely to cease operations abruptly. While it may offer only limited reassurance, it still provides some comfort.


Backing up your data is imperative, especially considering it has evolved into a sort of holiday: World Backup Day is observed on March 31st annually. This falls just before April Fool’s Day, although the real joke is on those who overlook the importance of data backup.


Let’s discuss data backup and disaster recovery services tailored to your business today. Reach out to us for further details. We will guide you through the most effective methods to protect your business data.