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Kenny, Whelan & Company

How BITS helped this financial services company overcome the challenges of remote working 


Kenny, Whelan & Company is based in the heart of Dublin and has been providing expert accountancy and financial services to their clients for over 35 years. They offer a range of solutions including auditing, bookkeeping, financial projections, payroll and tax compliance. 

Initially, Kenny, Whelan & Company were early adopters of new technology; however, as the years passed, they recognised that their technology stack became stagnant and did not evolve. Kenny, Whelan & Company decided to approach our team at BITS after recommendation and have been a client of ours since 2018.


When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and lockdown was introduced, all the staff at Kenny, Whelan & Company had to start working remotely instantly.

However, they had no remote working solutions in place. The entire workforce was 100% office-based, and everything was on-site, in-house and on-premises. Each member of Kenny, Whelan & Company used a desktop, with no access to a laptop or a webcam to carry out client and staff meetings via a video conferencing platform.

At the time, their entire IT stack was fit for office-based work only, and as a lot of their data is highly confidential, having everything stored on-site was a necessity for security purposes. However, accessing this data and information was not something the Kenny, Whelan & Company workforce could do remotely, so they needed a solution that allowed the team to work from home but with secure access to that data.

Kenny, Whelan & Company is a company that value being reliable and responsive to their clients - if the phone rings, they pick up. Therefore, they needed a solution fast.



– The solution we offered was to implement a secure VPN connection into the office machines to enable the team at Kenny, Whelan & Company to work remotely as if they were in the office.

– The VPN solution allowed the team to remotely access their servers, desktops and data securely and quickly. 

– Kenny, Whelan & Company had no laptops or webcams, but we implemented a solution that has allowed the workforce to access a video communication application to ensure their team remains connected to both colleagues and clients.

– Provided strategic advice on the best tools to implement and actions to take to overcome remote working challenges.

From an IT point of view, they have been the best decision for the firm.”

Stephen Whelan

Accountant at Kenny, Whelan & Company


The VPN solution installed enabled:

– All employees to work from home with confidence, knowing that client information is safe, and their data can be securely monitored. 

– It allowed their remote workforce to access all the data they needed to carry out their job effortlessly.


The video conferencing platform allowed:

– employees to keep in contact with their clients just as before, so they can be as responsive and reliable as they were in the office.


The advice given:

– “Has been invaluable” (Stephen Whelan, Accountant at Kenny, Whelan & Company). The team have taken the advice offered by BITS and have gone from strength to strength and is now a fully operating remote business.


Without implementing the right solutions, they would not have been able to respond to their clients and remain operational throughout the pandemic. These solutions caused a fundamental change and improved their IT, moving the business of Kenny, Whelan & Company forward

“Without the BITS solution we would not have been able to work remotely and remained responsive. It would have been detrimental without a shadow of a doubt, and our clients would have suffered. We need to be able to respond to clients on an immediate basis.”
Stephen Whelan

Senior Manager at Kenny, Whelan & Company

Business Profile


Kenny, Whelan & Company

Dublin, Ireland

Accountants & Statutory Auditors

Remote Access
Video Conferencing


Business Benefits


    • Efficiency: With innovative remote working solutions, all employees can work efficiently and productively.


    • Reliability: A reliable process that enables everyone to access the applications needed to operate.


    • Security: Security solutions in place so all staff could access confidential client data securely.


    • Flexibility: At the office or at home, the team can now work wherever and connect easily with clients.


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