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Lambay Island, Private Residence and Hospitality Destination

How BITS helped an island stay connected and work remotely, even before a pandemic


Lying in the Irish Sea, just north of County Dublin, The Baring family has been managing and protecting Lambay Island for over 100 years. Here they produce whiskey and offer historical tours, nature walks, and exclusive event packages.

Thanks to BITS, these business activities have been supported by a stable LAN and Wi-Fi network with high-speed broadband available throughout. The Baring siblings Alex and Millie have been working remotely, and off-grid for four successful years. And despite the pandemic, this continues to this day.


In early 2017, their first broadband line-of-site connection was switched on. This presented a range of challenges.

Firstly as an island, access to it is dictated by tides, thus complicating the scheduling of on-site works. This also limited scope for follow up opportunities. Since the island runs on off grid, renewable energy sources, every addition to the draw on electricity must be carefully managed and calculated. The signal also needed careful distribution to various buildings around the island. It was essentially the job an internet company might need to do when connecting a village. Additional tide dependent logistics were also needed since large, heavy items can only be transported on the island’s cargo boat. Finally, all this work needed to be conducted with the utmost care and respect for the protected status of the architecture.

This is where BITS came in. What was needed was an expertly coordinated, verging on military precision, operation. Two BITS engineers caught a boat at Malahide Marina early one morning with provisions for 5 x days and nights, a detailed inventory of hardware, tools, drawings, and a plan. The adventure began!



– Project managed every detail of the plan.

– Procured hardware, and provisioned for every potential issue. This allowed the engineers to complete the project in one visit.

– The team’s expertise using Ubiquity hardware was invaluable because the entire backbone of the network and the wireless network is all Ubiquity.

– APC UPS products were supplied to manage the power consumption, outages, and fluctuations.

– Provided strategic advice on the best tools to implement and actions to take to overcome remote working challenges.

– Cloud based controllers were put in place to facilitate remote support.

– Continued provision of spare hardware to facilitate replacing any hardware that fails.

– BITS continue to provide IT support to the island to this day.

“BITS have been providing our IT support services for over 4 years now. Since they were first involved in the roll out of the network on the island, they have been invaluable in keeping us connected to the outside world and always flexible and understanding with regard to our unusual setting.”

Alex Baring

MD, Lambay Island


The Network solution installed enabled:

– A mix of LAN, WAN and Wi-fi solutions, meaning access to the internet from any building on the island.

– Residents of the island as well as the staff and guests to remain connected to the outside world.

– The confident growth of Lambay’s business thanks to a stable, high-speed network in place.

– Consistent, secure, and stable performance of the network thanks to BITS providing routine remote checks.

“We really appreciate the excellent support provided by BITS. It is so genuinely reassuring to know we can always get through to a real person when there’s an issue – makes a world of difference when living on an island!”

Millie Baring

Director of Hospitality, Lambay Island

Business Profile


Lambay Island, Private Residence and Hospitality Destination

The Irish Sea

Heritage, Conservation, Hospitality, Farming


Business Benefits


    • Connectivity: Consistent and stable. Residents and staff canwork with confidence.
    • Support: A support team always available to help.
    • Security: Security solutions in place so all staff could access confidential client data securely.
    • Reliability: A reliable process that enables everyone to access the applications needed to operate.


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