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Just about every device within your office has undergone a facelift over the years, rendering them nigh on unrecognisable. Clunky desktops that required four members of staff to lift – a thing of the past. Brick-like (both in terms of size and weight) mobile phones? Gone. So why do so many offices still rely on outdated, basic printers?


With the introduction of managed print services, your organisation gains heightened control over how you print. But these benefits aren’t solely restricted to the functions of your printer; they are far-reaching and felt company-wide.


What are Managed Print Services? 

Essentially, managed print services enable you to oversee and control how your printing devices, such as scanners or copiers, are used. They are intended to boost productivity and efficiency, while managing times of high print volumes through Multi-Function Print (MFP) devices. Managed print services could also enhance information security, especially when paired with a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution, giving you total control over how your printing devices are used, and by whom.


How Can Managed Print Services Help Your Business?

While managed print services may not be new, they’re also not as widely adopted as you may think, and many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) don’t offer it. We have taken a closer look at some of the key benefits of employing managed print services below:


  • Monthly Costs, Made Manageable: Make print costs cheaper, more predictable and more efficient with regular monthly billing and more controllable costs. Not only will your payments be more predictable, but you’ll be saving on waste toner, surplus printing and paper, as well as other money-saving benefits. By leveraging managed print services to suit your business needs, you will also increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.


  • Enhanced Productivity: Managed Print helps you control your print processes, speed up document approval and minimise manual processes. Smart Document scanning can even look at templates, scan barcodes, recognise texts and perform the next stage of a process automatically.


  • A Controllable Print Environment: Take more control of your print operations, with your processes fine-tuned, automated and easier to manage.


  • Automatic Resupply: Never run out of paper, ink or toner again. Our automated replacements ensure there’s no danger of running dry when your resources start dwindling.


  • Regular Monitoring and Maintenance: We ensure your printers are regularly serviced or replaced. Automatic print monitoring means we check your devices based on usage, age and print volumes. For all your Managed Print needs, support and troubleshooting, your business can also rely on BITS’ team of engineers and experts for a rapid, bespoke response and resolve issues before they occur with our ongoing monitoring.


  • Automatic Usage Monitoring: Maximise the lifespan of your print devices. Automatic usage monitoring lets you swap workloads across printers, reducing loads on heavily used devices and optimising print speed.


To find out more about managed print services and how they can help your business grow, get in touch with BITS today and book a free consultation, here.