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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service revolutionising the way businesses everywhere are working. It allows for your business’s IT to be transposed into Microsoft’s data centres and accessed remotely by your team. In our new world of remote work, Azure hosting is now more important than ever. Whether your team’s remote or not, there are numerous ways your business can benefit from an Azure stack in 2023.

The 4 benefits of Azure we’re covering today are:

  1. Increased efficiency, productivity and scalability
  2. Enhanced security, compliance and disaster recovery
  3. Better analytics support
  4. Long-term cost-efficiency


Maintain efficiency and productivity with Azure’s scalable service


When your business is changing then it will require IT that will meet your needs rapidly. New hires, new processes and new software can be tough to accommodate with in-house/on-premises solutions. With the cloud’s pay-as-you-go pricing, your business can download whatever it needs from the Microsoft cloud and meet tech requirements on the fly.


Achieve peace of mind with Azure’s great security, compliance, and disaster recovery capabilities


Top of the range security that’s in line with the needs of numerous high-risk industries comes as standard. The disaster recovery capabilities of Microsoft Azure will act as further protection should the worst happen. With more and more of us working from home and the cyber threat environment growing increasingly complex, good security is particularly valuable.


Gain insights into your business with Azure analytics support


Microsoft Azure has built-in support for analysing your data and producing insights. Areas such as managed SQL, machine learning, and Cortana Analytics can all benefit from these insights and thus lead to smarter business decisions.


It’s cost-effective long-term


For most businesses, Microsoft Azure can be more cost-effective. Employing a technician to constantly maintain and update a business’s IT is costly and inefficient. There’s also the added cost of updating and replacing ageing or faulty kit. However, with Microsoft Azure, you can ensure your business is always ahead of the technology curve without breaking the bank.


Migration doesn’t have to be a hassle


Migrating to Microsoft Azure may feel overwhelming, but whilst it may seem like a radical shift, it’s one that can be made slowly and easily. Unlike Amazon Web Services, you can go hybrid by moving a portion of your IT to Microsoft Azure. Then you can adapt your IT in your own time. You may be concerned with various potential cloud migration pitfalls too. But – as we outline in our below eBook – the reality of these will be manageable.


If you’re considering a cloud migration but aren’t sure of its feasibility, click click here to download our eBook on cloud migration challenges. It’ll give you a bit more clarity on the process and show you how the Microsoft Azure cloud can transform your business.


Download Our Azure Migration eBook


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