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If you want to change your devices, you may wonder what to do with your old hard drives. You don’t want to lose your data or harm the environment. That’s why BITS can help you with hard drive removal and disposal. We have the skills and the methods to do it safely and in an eco-friendly way.  


Data Protection First: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets 

At BITS, we understand the importance of your data and prioritise its protection above all. But in addition to the protection of your data, we want to do our best by the environment too. Therefore, when we remove old equipment or old hard drives from that equipment, we make sure what we are doing so in a safe and environmentally friendly way. You can trust us to handle your sensitive information with care and confidence, usually in the form of transferring data from the old device onto the new one, but we also want to make sure that the equipment is safely disposed and the old drive is securely and environmentally destroyed. This gives our clients peace of mind that their digital assets are protected throughout the entire process. 

We are registered with WEEE Ireland, a compliance scheme that ensures the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. As part of our commitment to sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment we take a very proactive approach in the disposal of old equipment. For more information on WEEE Ireland, please visit their website by clicking here. 

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How do we destroy old hard drives?  

We outsource industrial hard drive shredders for the hard drive destruction service which is designed to keep data compliance in mind. The process involves the destruction of the entire hard drive which is shredded into small pieces. This completely destroys the drive mechanism and all of the electronic components, meaning that any data that was on the drive can never be accessed, retrieved or reconstructed. After the shredding is complete the material is securely recycled. 

Businesses who want to protect their data and want to do so in an eco-friendly manner should opt for a reliable service such as this, that destroys hard drives securely and recycles their metal components in a green and ethical way.  


Tech Upgrade Made Simple: Breathing New Life into Your Devices 

Contrary to the misconception that upgrading your device demands a brand-new purchase, BITS simplifies the process. A new hard drive upgrade can breathe new life into your existing laptop or PC. Our team offers fast and customised solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient upgrade process tailored to your specific needs. Embrace the simplicity of tech upgrades with BITS. 


Why Choose BITS? 

BITS is your trusted partner in tech upgrades. Our services include:  

  • Expert hard drive removal 
  • Secure data disposal 
  • Fast and customised solutions 
  • Eco-friendly practices 
  • Seamless tech upgrades 


Contact us today for more information around the secure disposal of your old hardware and data on old hard drives in a safe and environmentally sound way.