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Radio Station Delivers Enhanced Online Services to Listeners & Businesses Through IT Solutions


With almost 70,000 listeners tuning in every week, KCLR 96 FM is the most listened to radio station in Carlow and Kilkenny and has been serving the local community with news, information, sports and entertainment since 2004. It has assisted over 1,000 businesses to advertise and promote themselves directly to their target market that tune in each day.

Since their establishment there have been radical changes in the media and technological landscapes in which the station operates. In response to these changes KCLR has be-come even more responsive and flexible in both the platforms through which they broadcast to the listeners and also the services which they offer to the business market-place. The station now offers interactive on-line listening, access to recent and archived shows and pod casts as well as prime on-line advertising space to local businesses which allows accurate targeting and tracking.

The development of this on-line service model has inevitably meant significant alterations to KCLR 96 FM’s software, data management and web services requirements, not to mention the design of the internal processes that support the new service delivery framework. Before the solutions could be identified and customised towards their requirements, Business IT Solutions (BITS) were employed to conduct an in depth audit on existing in house IT applications in use. BITS recognise the specific requirements of a Radio Station and worked with the in-house technical department to balance the Radio needs with the IT needs of the business. Through the introduction and on-going management of industry leading on-line data management solutions, cloud services and software solutions KCLR 96 FM remains at the forefront of broadcasting and media services in Ireland.



KCLR 96 FM recognised that in order for them to maintain both listener and business satisfaction, the service offerings and service delivery channels needed to match relevant market trends. In today’s custom-er landscape this revolves around interactive and on-demand mobile listening.

The challenge for KCLR was to effectively address the secure data storage requirement, higher volume of website traffic while at the same time providing an attractive platform for business customers to promote their businesses.

A comprehensive audit of the existing IT infrastructure indicated that there was not sufficient capacity to host their ever increasing data requirement across their existing servers and especially when dealing with exponential growth expected into the future.



BITS introduced a combined and innovative way for KCLR to manage these multiple service model requirements.

It was identified that in addition to standard updates to their software and local network services, the radio station could actually expand their service offerings further and enhance their delivery speed and compatibility through migrating to the cloud. The key solutions implemented were as follows:


  • Expansion of the on premise data requirements as well as implementing on-line storage options.
  • Updating hardware and software across the organisation in conjunction with the bespoke broadcasting system providers.
  • Enabling SEO and web services extending to companies within the KCLR Group.
  • Training of key staff.

As one of the country’s leading radio stations operating in a fast changing technology environment, we are expected to keep up with both our listeners and business customer’s on-line and off-line expectations. Even with our own in-house IT manager, keeping on-top of the most recent technologies has always been a challenge for us.

Business I.T. Solutions assisted us to determine where the key gaps were in our services by their fast and practical IT audit which showed us exactly where our existing software, server and hardware was costing us money and underperforming, both internally and from a customer perspective.

With BITS help, our new approach to on-line data management is easy to manage, and their flexible approach to post-service support means that we are always able to contact them if and when we need them”

John Purcell

Chief Executive, KCLR


The sourcing, configuration and imple-mentation of the IT solutions was conducted predominantly off-site, meaning there was no disruption to the existing on-line or off-line services provision.

Overall the enhanced IT infrastructure has meant improved cost efficiencies and improved customer service for the business. More specifically, cloud based on-line data-management means not only secure data storage but also a wider geographical reach for the business, broadening the marketing potential for business clients.

The company has been able to increase traffic and listenership through heightened on-line exposure which has in turn resulted in increased recurring revenue.

Business Profile


KCLR FM Local Radio

Kilkenny & Carlow


IT Consultancy
Data Management
Hardware & Software Services
Cloud Services
Web Services


Business Benefits


  • Enhanced service delivery model: Better customer service through expansion of offerings

  • Secure data storage: Cloud based on-line data-management means secure information

  • Business growth: More on-line exposure and increased recurring revenue

  • Improved perceptions: On-line presence and services are attractive to business and listeners customers alike

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