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BITS are a long-time partner of Microsoft. When the lock-down happened during the coronavirus pandemic, like all businesses, we had to enable our team to work from home. During that time, the services that we were providing to our clients were essential to them being able to setup and work remotely too. Our help-desk had never before seen the volume of calls coming into it.

It was imperative that we were able to setup our help-desk team to work remotely and maintain the service and support to our clients by providing over-the-phone support and remote assistance.

We fully moved our telephone service over to Microsoft Teams. We had been using the Teams platform for months anyway and we were very familiar with it from a video calling point of view. So the next step to move our voice calls into the platform was a logical one. However, the ease at which we were able to move 100% into the cloud for Teams Voice was surprising, even for a bunch of techies like us!

As we have gradually moved back into the office, we stuck with Teams for our Voice and Video calls. We now have no phones on our desks (although you can get Teams compatible phones) and we have a wireless headset for each staff member. There is also an App which you can install onto a smart phone which means that (if you were out of the office) you could receive calls transferred from the office over the Teams App.

Benefits of Teams Voice:

In terms of cost savings, that was another bonus to this move. We no longer have any line rental costs. We are able to have staff members work from home on any given day and (once they have the App on their smart phone or a laptop) they are fully integrated in terms of being able to take and make calls to provide support to our clients. In addition, the calling plans from Microsoft are pretty generous too – which represents even more cost savings. Not only that,  for the first time ever we now have fixed costs  associated with the telecoms of our business.

Should you consider Microsoft Teams for your voice calls?

The one thing that the pandemic has taught businesses is that we need to be ready to make major changes at short notice. If you need to allow staff to work from home and want to ensure that they’re still part of the hunt group that they would be if in the office, having a VOIP Solution such as Teams in place is the easiest and most efficient way to achieve this.

We have been using Microsoft Teams in our business for the last few months. We have learned how to  implement it and to make sure that it’s fit for purpose for our business. I can stand over recommending it to our clients. It is really the future in terms of the next step in the technology landscape.

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