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2022 is upon us and, following a technically tumultuous two years, we now have the opportunity to perfect our business technologies, truly explore our hybrid workforces, and seek more competitive solutions.

Such changes, however, can often necessitate a fresh new start; so let’s take the opportunity to explore 5 New Years’ resolutions for your company IT, and how they’re set to drastically improve your business capacity in a technologically-charged 2022.


Number One: Train Your Teams 

Okay, this one’s perhaps a little too obvious – a bit dull, even. But hear us out.

For the most part, regular training is all about practice; ensuring employees are aware of emerging business threats and upskilled for the latest software updates. Yet in 2022, training will have renewed importance – and it won’t only need to be regular, but rigorous.

In 2021, ransomware attacks rose by 134%; phishing attempts increased by a staggering 700%; and universal cybercrime increased by 600%. Compare these numbers to the somewhat meagre sum of UK businesses who provided wider security training – a paltry 10% – and those ratios take on a striking new importance.


Number Two: Implement a Cyber Security Mesh

On the subject of cyber security, we can’t ignore Zero Trust; the cyber security philosophy which is being advised by security experts across the industry.

Zero Trust is a cyber security approach that dictates that anything and everything on your network has its own protective standards. While security infrastructures often had wider, more sweeping protections, a Zero Trust setup checks data at every last step on the network. If it doesn’t past the stringent security solutions of your servers, your network, your devices, your two factor authentication or your ports, then it is simply denied all entry.

The mesh is what makes up these disparate security elements, creating a layered and structured approach to security that, for many security advisors, is nothing less than essential. Following on from the previous years’ cyber security statistics, it’s hard to argue with that logic.

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Number Three: Reinvigorate your telecommunications

The hybrid workforce will live and breathe communications, not least given how far our work will take us and how inherently connected our technologies will become. As such, it makes sense to consolidate the costs and the capabilities of our comms, making everything accessible from a single solution without sacrificing any key features.

Developers such as Microsoft are already provisioning this, with solutions such as Teams Voice. By providing full Teams functionality through your VoIP system, users ultimately have their every comms need available at all times, and with a wealth of new technical options available – proving just how much more we can achieve through our conversations.


Number Four: Create a Holistic Hybrid Workforce

The Cloud has enabled users to work with unrivalled flexibility – with time and place no longer a barrier to the way they work. However, even with our interconnected solutions, there’s still that capability gap between the on-prem and off-prem workers, as much of your most powerful technologies are only available on-site.

Solutions such as Azure Virtual Desktop let you virtualise your company IT in the Cloud, meaning your users can access and activate their most powerful solutions from the simplest of smart devices. This single virtual desktop can also support multiple users at once, essentially eliminating the need for a standardised hardware fleet. For businesses combatting the costs and limitations of remote working, such solutions such are transformative.


Number Five: Automate 

This early in the year, you’ve likely packed away the treats, signed up for the gym, and made the traditional dedication to getting in shape. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lessen the load at work and leave the more arduous tasks to automation. 

Security, email, even your managed print – they’re all ripe for automation opportunities. By implementing solutions such as Microsoft Azure, BI and Power Automate, you can turn once-manual processes into automated sequences. From automatically picking and packing customer orders, to signing off on document approvals, automation helps turns your business into a productivity powerhouse. 


Whatever your aspirations for 2022, hundreds of businesses across dozens of sectors trust in Bits for dependable, professional IT support. Let us help you start your new year witconfidence.