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Azure Private Cloud Solutions 

Personalised, optimised and built to your business standards, our Azure Private Cloud Solutions deliver best-in-class Cloud services. 

For a Dedicated Cloud Delivery 

With services and infrastructure built for your business, and yours alone, Azure Private Cloud Solutions are your fastest, most secure approach to online-enabled working.  

Dedicated Resources 

A connection for your business, and yours alone. Enjoy faster connections, dedicated setup and solutions fitted to the hight standards of your business.

Secure Protections 

Dedicated servers mean dedicated protections, with your Cloud data kept off-site and secured by our partners’ industry-leading protections.

Compliance Tested  

Know that your solutions are meeting industry, regulatory and compliance standards with solutions tailored to the demands of your specialist sector. 
cost effective


Faster connections, no equipment costs, scalable solutions and zero maintenance costs make our personal Cloud a more cost-effective online workplace.

Confused by your Cloud options? Whether Public, Hybrid or Private, we’ll help ensure your Cloud solutions work for your company’s future. 

Your Proactive Cloud Partner 

Your Azure Private Cloud Solution needs to be long-lasting, diligently protected and beneficial to all business needs. With our experience in technology and customer service, we’re dedicated to delivering above and beyond those needs.  


We work with and understand the needs of multiple sectors, with compliant Cloud solutions for such highly-regulated industries as finance and insurance.

Leading Protections 

We’re partnered with industry-leading protective providersdelivering the best defences from malware, ransomware and breach prevention. 


Our servers are modern and entirely scalable. Wherever your future takes you, your Azure Private Cloud Solution is adaptable and fit for the future. 

24/7 Monitoring  

We work to minimise downtime, optimise your connection speeds and prevent incidents or intrusions.  

Fill the gaps in your network security with fast, flexible solutions that bend to your business requirements. Talk to BITS today.  

For the Perfect Private Cloud


Provide the speed, security and stability that your business Cloud deserves. With our Azure Cloud Solutions, your business works to your own exacting standards.

Talk to the BITS team today and protect yourself with defensive solutions that go deeper.