Wireless Networking

BITS can supply a Wireless Solution to suit every need. Each Wireless network is different so we carry out a site survey to ensure the best coverage based on the environment where the network is being set up. The 2 main types of wireless network solutions that we provide are:

  • Internal Wireless Solutions: Advances in hand-held technologies (including Smart Devices) means that having a fast, secure and reliable wireless network is critical for businesses. From those who provide Wi-Fi to their end users (such as Hotels, Schools, etc.) to those businesses who provide their staff with Wi-Fi to carry out their work, BITS can provide an end-to-end solution.
  • External Wireless Links: For businesses who have multiple buildings and wish to link those buildings, or wish to provide wireless signals external to their building, BITS can install External Wireless Links and Access Points that will allow for high-speed, reliable data flow between buildings and also between buildings and external areas.

Wi-Fi Planning and Free Site Surveys

We offer a Wi-Fi design service to our customers that will give a “best fit” solution in terms of Access Points required to give the best coverage for your School, Nursing Home or Business.

Our survey tools allow us to create Wi-Fi networks according to your requirements and taking into account the possible increasing amount of wireless clients and applications on the WiFi and Internet service – such as VoIP, web browsing, etc.

Please refer to our Case Studies for examples of where we’ve rolled out a WiFi network solution for our clients (Hotel and Nursing Home Case Studies).