VOIP and Phone Systems

BITS provide VoIP and Phone Systems solutions to clients across many sectors and sizes.

VoIP stands for “Voice over IP” which is a technology that allows for the delivery of voice calls over the Internet. The speed and performance of your internet connection is essential to a good voice over IP solution. Where you don’t have a good internet connection (or in cases where you prefer a mix of traditional phone lines with VOIP), we can provide you with a Phone System.

If you have an internet connection that has the capacity to provide voice services, then that could mean a significant cost saving for your business as you move away from the need to pay for line rentals and simply pay (usually at a sizable discount) for voice calls.

BITS are partnered with a few VOIP suppliers and have implemented VoIP solutions for many clients as a full VoIP solution (hosted in the cloud). We have also installed solutions that has provided a hybrid phone solution that incorporated VoIP with traditional land lines.

If you have recently had an increase in speeds of your internet connection, carry out a speed test and send the details of the upload and download speeds to us and we’ll contact you to discuss the possibility of a VoIP (or Hybrid) solution. Likewise, if you don’t have a good internet connection but are having any problems with your old phone system (PBX), give us a call for a competitive quote.