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Security Management Solutions


With Security Management solutions from BITS, you’ll equip your business with exactly what it needs to stay protected from cybercrime. And whilst our cyber security specialists are busy protecting your business, you can focus on running it.

Networks Are Only as Secure as Their Weakest Link

Adequately protecting your business from a range of cyber threats like ransomware, data theft, and more, requires a comprehensive solution. With every security box ticked your business can carry out its work with the peace of mind it needs. With Security Management solutions from BITS, we can guarantee you:

Efficient Support and Response Times

When your business suffers a cyber-attack, time is of the essence. Every moment of downtime can compromise your productivity and your reputation. Hence why our team is at the ready to respond to any threat.

It’s More Cost Effective Than Going In-house

Finding quality cyber security talent is time consuming and expensive; the best talent has usually been snapped up already. Managed IT services have already handpicked some of the best minds in cyber security and they’re available to you at a fraction of what they would cost to hire full time.

Easily Meet Compliance Regulations

With GDPR there has never been such a wide array of compliance regulations to meet. Failure to adhere to them can cause exponential costs in legal fees and fines from authorities. BITS keeps up to date on all compliance laws so you don’t have to.

You’ll Get Dedicated IT Support Team

Your IT will be allocated its own cyber security specialist that you can direct all your questions and concerns to. This means you get the best of both worlds; personal service and team support for when broader thinking is required.

Access a Diverse and Deep Talent Pool

Signing up to Security Management solutions means you’ll be gaining access to a hive mind of cyber security specialists with years of combined experience. This means no matter what your security issue is, our team has probably solved it already.

You’ll Be Able To Scale Up and Down With Ease

As your business changes your cyber security needs can change too. And managing in-house cyber security talent in line with these needs can be a cumbersome and costly process. With Security Management solutions, any changes in your cyber security needs can be met rapidly by our team.

If any of the above sounds appealing or you would like a little more detail on what Security Management solutions can do for your business, get in touch to speak with one of our cyber security experts.

Here Are Some of the Cyber Security Bodies and Partners We Work With

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These Are the Core Security Management Solutions We Offer

Managed Anti-virus Software

One of the core tools in any cyber security tech stack, this will protect your business from a range of threats such as viruses, worms, trojans, and more. It will also be continuously updated to ensure your business is one step ahead of the latest cyber threats.

Device Management

With staff working on the move, implementing specific solutions such as USB port lockdown and monitoring and encrypting laptops and hard drives will prevent sensitive and confidential data being compromised should the device be lost, stolen or attacked.

Firewall Routers

These function as safety devices positioned between the outside (including the internet) and your network. Their job is to monitor outside network traffic and to prevent any unauthorised traffic from gaining access to your IT.

Anti-spam Software

Prevent unwanted emails from landing in your team’s inboxes and ensure none of your bandwidth is used up unnecessarily. Anti-spam software also minimises the chances of phishing emails getting through whilst striking a safe balance against emails you want to permit.

Internet & Monitoring

Access lockdown & monitoring is to keep your personnel from accessing inappropriate websites – whether intentional or otherwise – our automatic and continuous network monitoring services can keep an eye on any activity, blocking as and when needed to.

Patching & System Updates

Out of date software is a gift to cyber criminals; there is an increased chance that it will have security gaps that a criminal can exploit. This is why our cyber security team aims to patch and update your software whenever possible.

Client Testimonials

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BITS has given us cyber security peace of mind. Now we feel protected from any security threat out there.”

Paddy Phelan – CEO
3 Counties Energy Agency

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Our team is now fully trained in cyber security awareness and feels much more confident about spotting cyber threats.”

Michael Murphy – Managing Director
PS Ireland

With consistent rises in cyber-crime, “it won’t happen to my business” thinking is anything but a viable response to cyber threats.

If you’re serious about protecting your business and would like it to be as stress free as possible, book a meeting with one of our cyber security services specialists today.