LAN & Server Support

Proactive LAN Management

Your network and server play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and performance of all computer related services within your company. Managing a LAN in a proactive way can be expensive and time-consuming. As networks continue to grow in complexity, enterprises may consider out-sourcing these operations to a network provider who can deliver end-to-end LAN management with binding service levels.

As part of our Proactive Managed LAN service, BITS takes the responsibility for the smooth running of your computer network, from the initial configuration of the LAN ports and WLAN access points, through to management of relevant hardware and software working on the network and the overall network infrastructure health, we are set up to actively monitor your network and react in the event of an issue arising.

We also provide a network design service that ensures you are getting the most from your IT investment – as well as ensuring that you have a robust and fit-for-purpose system that can develop and evolve as your business does.

Contact us to find out more about proactive management of your network by our skilled technical staff.