Cyber Security Training

It is estimated that up to 80% of security breaches in SME networks were caused by the end-users.  It’s also estimated that with just a little more awareness of cyber security amongst the staff, up to 50% of those breaches would not have happened (40% of all attacks).

At BITS, we recognise that there is a real need for training of staff members to be cyber aware. BITS deliver training to organisations and businesses in a joint effort to reduce the overall risk.

New laws came into effect in May 2018 in relation to data protection, known as GDPR, mean that businesses have greater responsibility towards the protection of the data they hold.  Some training and awareness for your staff can help protect you from the impact of these laws, not to mention the costs associated with a loss of data.

The session takes an hour, and we can accommodate groups of up to 15 at a time. We will come to you, so all you have to do is schedule the time with your staff.  If you are interested in availing of this training, just get in touch and we can schedule it in.

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