Domain Registration & Hosting

BITS provide both Website Domain Name Registration & Hosting Services for 100’s of clients. If you are looking to secure the right website name for your business, we can work with you to discover all options that are available and we will register the name and manage all the required paperwork for you.

The Web Hosting Services that we provide range from Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Standard Website Hosting. All our hosting services come with Managed 24/7 Service Level Agreements as well as options for full backup solutions that ensure a backup is taken of your website on a daily basis.

Business IT Solutions Web Hosting Services Terms and Conditions

The Provision of Web Hosting Services and use of them by the client is considered to be the acceptance of this overall “Agreement” and acts as an “Implied Contract” between Business IT Solutions (the PROVIDER) and the Recipient of Services (the CLIENT), who will be bound to the Terms and Conditions as described within this document and all referenced documents.TERMS and CONDITIONS:

The Terms and Conditions as described within this document and any referenced Addendums shall continue in effect for minimum term based on selected Service Package (12 months). Thereafter, these terms and conditions shall continue to be in effect as long as the client takes advantage of the services, unless expressly noted otherwise. BITS South East Ltd. may make reasonable modifications to this document and any referenced Addendums, as it deems necessary.


  • – The Web Hosting Services Package that BITS provide comes with a Managed 24/7 Service Level Agreement as well as a full backup solution that ensures a backup is taken of your website on a daily basis. If/When and issue arises it will be detected by our monitoring software and we are notified by our Data Centre. At this stage we will provide the necessary support to resolve the issue. However, there is an understanding on behalf of the Client that the hosting service does not included website design support and/or updates to your site. If an issue occurs where all Hosting Services and Resources are confirmed to be operating as normal through our Data Centre and the fault lies directly with your site, BITS reserves the right to take your site off-line and to work with you to help resolve the issue. In the event where the issue cannot be resolved and a full backup is required, BITS will carry out that backup for the client. However in the event where a backup will not resolve the issue or a recurring fault occurs, BITS reserve the right to take your site off-line until the issue is completely resolved (likely through a redesign). We do not provide support of the website or the technology that the website is built on if the version of the technology/platform is out-of-date and any such support requested by the Client will be billed for at the current Hosted Services Rate. However once your website remains up-to-date for the platform it is built on, then we will provide support.
  • – By entering into this Contract you agree to the details as laid out. You further agree to any revisions of these policies as they occur. Changes to these policies will be posted on our website.
  • – Unless otherwise stated, the minimum Term of the Agreement will be 1 Year from the start of Services.
  • – Business IT Solutions does not set specific limits on their web hosting services (in terms of bandwidth) outside of the specified Virtualised Server specifications. However, we reserve the right to review every account for excessive space and bandwidth utilisation and may terminate, apply restrictions or additional fees to those accounts with excessive usage levels.
  • – The initial fees are due immediately at the time of ordering and are non-refundable unless otherwise expressly noted.
  • – Backup of the Virtualised Server will automatically take place. However, if you (or any 3rd party) require a restoration of data backed up, there will be a fixed fee charge of €100.
  • – All prices quoted within this document are subject to change and exclude VAT.


Web Hosting Services Agreement will be automatically renewed at BITS then-current rates, unless noted otherwise. Notice of increase in rates will be provided within issued invoices.


BITS may immediately terminate any account, without prior notice, for non-payment or any account that it believes, in its sole discretion, is involved in any objectionable activities as deemed inappropriate by BITS.