Insight HR, founded by Mary Cullen in 2000, delivers objective, problem-solving HR solutions to a growing number of SMEs, large corporates and organisations in Ireland and the UK.


Though Insight HR had been growing sales, due mainly to repeat custom, referral sales, and the use of traditional outbound sales techniques, there were no sales coming from its website. The website had been functioning purely as an online brochure—not unusual at the time the website had originally been put together. The challenge now though was to turn the website from a not easy to navigate online brochure into a powerful engine for lead generation— the ultimate goal being to increase sales. This challenge also needed to be met without Insight HR having to make too large an initial financial investment.


Bearing this in mind, a two-staged plan was devised.

The first stage was to implement a hybrid website solution – using the initial website design but then also enhancing it to

  • A better user experience (UX) to allow visitors to easily navigate to the content of most interest to them.
  • A blogging framework for articles (implemented using WordPress)

Stage 1 also included a focussed SEO effort to boost rankings for a specific range of search terms that Insight HR’s target market use when looking for solutions to the challenges they face. This SEO work, if done properly, takes time to take effect. So, during that ramp time, BITS ensured a fast rise in traffic by managing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign for Insight HR. BITS also helped Insight HR control costs by providing training so that Mary and her team could use the Content Management System (CMS) within WordPress to create new articles, tag or label those articles to ensure they appear in the right categories, uploading images, etc.

“BITS didn’t try to get us to spend large amounts of money to totally change our website. Instead they were willing to work with what we had – to make changes – and to help us assess whether those changes were helping our sales. And the results? We’ve continuously made money from the work BITS have done for us. We can trace a direct connection between the website and SEO work to increased traffic and increased conversion to new customers. It’s that simple – and that powerful. Our marketing spend with BITS is now an investment – not a cost. We now see BITS as a partner in our quest to use digital marketing to continuously drive sales upwards.”

Mary Cullen, Founder and Managing Director

And this hybrid solution bore financial fruit – Insight HR got new business as a direct re-sult of the changes to the website. Digital marketing is an extremely effective marketing technique as it allows marketing efforts to be tested and measured as to their impact.
But that hybrid solution was only stage 1. Now that Insight HR knew that the investment in stage 1 had borne financial fruit, it was time to move on to stage 2 – a re-design of the website.

This re-design was necessary because the hybrid solution, though successful, was limiting further progress.

For example, by not being mobile-friendly, the website would fall victim to Google’s an-nouncement that SEO rankings would suffer for non mobile-friendly websites.

Also, by not being optimised for devices such as smartphones & tablets, the user experi-ence for an increasing percentage of website visitors was going to be unsatisfactory.

Another limit on progress was that the easy-to-use CMS system in the hybrid solution was curtailed to the articles section of the site. Content changes by Insight HR to other parts of the website were more problematic.

Additionally, besides SEO, user experience and CMS considerations, the underlying hy-brid design was not up to modern standards in providing no easy mechanism for security updates.

With the implementation of the re-design the Insight HR website now ticks all the boxes:

  • Improved user experience — a fresh interface that expertly guides visitors to the information of most interest to them.
  • Blogging framework allowing Insight HR to deliver regular and fresh content to their target market.
  • CMS allowing Insight HR to easily make their own content changes without need-ing to pay any outside provider to do so.
  • It is now a responsive website—compatible with all mobile devices. The website now detects what type of device is being used to access it and automatically adapts itself for optimal viewing on that device.
  • Encompasses best practice design techniques.

Most importantly though, the website is now successful at its core purpose of providing a positive financial Return On Investment (ROI) for Insight HR!


Insight HR

Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Increased traffic: SEO work ensures higher rankings in search engines for the search terms of interest to Insight HR’s target customers
  • Increased sales: More visitors are converting into customers
  • Cost Savings: With comprehensive CMS Insight HR personnel can easily make content changes to all parts of the website
  • Enhanced user interface: Improved experience for website visitors

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