Network Security Audit

With the ever-increasing need to prove compliant for the likes of PCI DSS compliance as well as the ongoing threat from outside sources (ransomware attacks, data hacking, etc.), network security auditing should be high on the list for Businesses and IT Managers, CEO’s & CTO’s.

For example, if your business processes credit card payments, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to you. If your business intends to accept card payments, or indeed stores any other data relating to employees and/or customers (such as bank details, cardholder data, etc.) then you need to protect that data and ensure you have the right technology in place to help you achieve that goal.

In BITS we carry out Network Security Audits for businesses who are serious about being compliant with PCI DSS but also with upcoming GDPR legislation. The audit looks at all aspects of IT data storage and network security and delivers a report at the end of the audit outlining any possible areas of concern.

In addition, BITS work with businesses to identify any potential internal threats to the business (data leakage from internal attacks are one of the biggest concerns facing businesses).

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