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ICT Security Management

Security is central to everything we do. We provide comprehensive security solutions to our clients that allow them to carry out their work, safe in the knowledge that their computer network and vital company data are protected and secure.

ICT Security Management

There is an ever-increasing number of threats to computer network security – and an associated ever-increasing risk of problems such as data corruption, data theft, ransomware and viruses. Networks are only as secure as their weakest link so your business needs a comprehensive security solution to allow you to carry out your work, safe in the knowledge that your network and your company data are protected and secure.

 BITS is positioned to provide that comprehensive security through a broad suite of products and services that includes:

  • Managed Anti-Virus Software: This software is continuously updated so ensure that your business is protected against all newly emerging threats. The software is highly effective – and not just by stopping viruses that would otherwise corrupt your data. The software can also stop Worms from consuming valuable network bandwidth and Trojans from opening up your network to outside attack.
  • Firewall Routers: These function as safety devices positioned between the outside (including the internet) and your network. In essence, their job is to monitor network traffic arriving from outside your network and to prevent any unauthorised traffic from getting into your network.
  • Internet Access Lockdown/Monitoring: We provide automatic and continuous monitoring of your network to ensure that your personnel, even inadvertently, cannot access inappropriate websites.
  • Anti-Spam Software: Your business uses email as a critical communication tool. Unfortunately, as you will be aware, much of the email your business receives is unwelcome. At best it is a nuisance, using up valuable bandwidth on your network and also wasting your employees’ time by clogging up their in-tray. However, Spam can also cause more severe problems through such means as phishing and ransomware. At BITS we can provide you with anti-Spam software that captures these emails before they ever land in a recipient’s in-tray. We also keep a close eye on the various anti-spam software solutions that are available so that we can always offer you the optimal solution – software that strikes that balance between blocking too few such emails and blocking too many innocent emails.


  • USB Port Lockdown/Monitoring to prevent data leakage.


  • Encryption of Laptops and External Hard Drives to prevent data loss.

ICT Security Management

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