New Security Requirements for your Website

If you own a website you are more aware than the average internet user of the increasing and ever-changing security measures that need to be undertaken to ensure a safe browsing experience. Thankfully, users are more click aware now than ever before and are learning the tell-tale signs of a risky site. Over the years the browser applications that we …

Bad Rabbit – Another day another threat

Once again, we are bracing ourselves for the potential of a world-wide spread of a malicious malware product.  So far mostly confined to Russia and the Ukraine, this ransomware, affectionately known as Bad Rabbit, is sweeping through systems in those countries, causing havoc.  It’s only a matter of time before we see it closer to home. US officials said they …

Bits and CipherTechs sign landmark teaming agreement

Bits has signed a landmark teaming agreement with global firm CipherTechs which will see the companies work together on high level security projects right across Ireland as they prepare for stiff new data protection regulations. As reported by, and, Bits is CipherTechs’ first ever Irish teaming partner and the new agreement is expected to see job numbers at …

The “Wannacrypt” Ransomware Attack. What Can Businesses Do To Help Protect Themselves Against Attack?

On Friday last, the 12th of May 2017, there was an unprecedented cyber-attack on IT systems throughout the world. There was (and still is) huge media coverage of these attacks and the impact they have had on businesses and public services. The health service in the UK was one that appeared to be targeted which prompted the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) CIO to take the steps to remove all external access to the HSE’s Network to protect the integrity of their IT systems.

GDPR – What is it? Be Prepared, Get Ready!

The security of data is becoming a huge area of concern for businesses and with good reason. In the early days of computers in businesses, storage space was the challenge. Then backing up the data in case of a crash became important. Then securing the network in case of an attack or some malicious intent became the concern. None of those concerns have gone away, but, now we need to ensure the privacy of that data or risk being taken to court!

Ransomware – what you can do to help reduce the risk.

You have no doubt heard of computer viruses and if you’ve followed any of our previous blog posts, you’ll know that it’s a subject that we discuss quite a bit. The latest trend in terms of malicious software (also known as malware) is the area of Ransomware and it is becoming increasingly common.

IT Network Security – Do you think you are well-positioned?

Do you have at least 1 smartphone or tablet or laptop or computer in your business? If the answer is “yes” then you have an IT network. And, correspondingly, you also have network security vulnerabilities – no matter what your size and no matter what sector you operate in.

Changing IT providers

Change is constant. And change is challenging. You face it all the time in many areas of your business. However, implementing changes for change’s sake can be wasteful.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – going, going…

Windows Server 2003’s end-of-life is approaching rapidly.  July 14th, 2015.  Another deadline from Microsoft.  They’ve even got a countdown to the nearest minute.  It marks the date when support will cease for Windows Server 2003. Does your organisation use Windows Server 2003?  Do you know about the end of support?   Do you have a plan for dealing with this withdrawal …

IT Security – Protect your business from internal and external threats

As of 2012 the cumulative cost of the 10 most costly viruses was over $100 million! And new viruses will keep coming!  Why?  A couple of examples might illustrate: One of those top 10 viruses was created by a German teenager who claimed that he meant to create a virus that would remove other viruses from infected computers.  Unfortunately his …