Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – going, going…

Windows Server 2003’s end-of-life is approaching rapidly.  July 14th, 2015.  Another deadline from Microsoft.  They’ve even got a countdown to the nearest minute.  It marks the date when support will cease for Windows Server 2003. Does your organisation use Windows Server 2003?  Do you know about the end of support?   Do you have a plan for dealing with this withdrawal …

Does your website have a clear purpose?

Here’s an easy question to answer: Do you have a website? For a tiny minority of businesses the answer is no.  If you’re one of those then good – you’re starting from a blank slate and have the chance to consider whether or not getting one is a good move for your organisation. If however you’re part of the vast …

IT Security – Protect your business from internal and external threats

As of 2012 the cumulative cost of the 10 most costly viruses was over $100 million! And new viruses will keep coming!  Why?  A couple of examples might illustrate: One of those top 10 viruses was created by a German teenager who claimed that he meant to create a virus that would remove other viruses from infected computers.  Unfortunately his …

Why bother upgrade from XP if it’s working OK for me?

You may know that earlier this year, in April, Microsoft stopped “supporting” Windows XP, its 12 year-old version of Windows. In advance of this date there was some alarmism, even hyperbole, about how the world was going to stop turning. It could remind you of the run-up to the new millennium – remember the Y2K scaremongering?

However Microsoft’s move in April was significant. One of the main effects is that Microsoft have stopped providing free security fixes for vulnerabilities in XP.

Crime Gang Uses Cryptolocker / Gameoverzeus Malware to Hold Your PC to Ransom

Up to a million PC’s across 12 countries have been infected with the GameoverZeus Ransomware infection. Ransomware is a term used for when a computer is infected with malicious code, and control of the PC is not returned to the user until a ransom is paid. The average ransom demand is in excess of €500!

Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Based Solution

Over the last year or so there has been lot of talk about “cloud computing”, “public cloud”, “private cloud” and so on. The buzz surrounding these terms and technology has even prompted the Government to include it in its Programme for Government. But what is cloud computing?


These days, we are all looking for ways to save money and become more efficient in our businesses.
Here at BITS we’re ALWAYS focussed on helping companies to save money on their I.T. and help our
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