Changing IT providers

Change is constant. And change is challenging. You face it all the time in many areas of your business. However, implementing changes for change’s sake can be wasteful.

Technology Threats to Business

The technology glass can be way more than half-full – so long as you’re vigilant and prudent. In a previous blog we discussed how cloud computing impacts on accountancy firms more than others – not least because the cloud facilitates accountancy firms and their clients having a fully up-to-date and synchronised view of the clients’ financial situation – thereby enabling better financial decision-making.

The Changing World of IT for Accountants

When it comes to managing and supporting the IT requirements of companies, BITS looks after a wide range of professional services companies spread over a number of sectors. One such sector is that of Accountancy Firms.

Does your head say cloud and your heart say… help!?

How frustrating is it when you discover your IT has become obsolete? It might even be still working well, doing the job it was designed to do, and you’re comfortable with it. But the world around it has moved on so here we go again…upgrade! It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and there is a learning curve that can be annoying.

SEO & PPC: Search marketing to grow your business

What’s your website supposed to do for your organisation?  Are you looking for visitors to buy directly off the site?  Perhaps you’re trying to entice a potential customer to contact you through the site?  Or are you trying to get potential customers to simply leave their contact details with you so that you can follow up with them over time? …

Buying a computer? What to think about before talking to your IT Provider.

Are you interested in buying a new computer? Do you hate the sales conversation where you feel you might be getting talked into something you don’t need? – But, you’re not technical so you’re not sure? Before you make a call, spend some time considering the following: Here in the sales department at BITS we get enquiries all the time …

Solid State Drives (SSD) V. Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

At present, a 500 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive tends to be the standard hard drive size in a business PC. But I suspect that we rarely stop to consider what type of disk it is. Odds are your computer/laptop has a HDD as this has been the standard for the last number of years. However, SSDs are becoming more prevalent …

BITS Achieves Microsoft Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency.

Business IT Solutions (BITS) today announced it has achieved a Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft silver competency, partners must successfully demonstrate expertise in the area of Cloud Solutions as evaluated by Microsoft. And to ensure the highest quality of services, …