24/7 IT Support Services

IT Helpdesk Support Services

BITS provide a wide range of IT support and Helpdesk services. Our helpdesk is staffed by full-time, highly qualified and dedicated helpdesk engineers from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

If a client has an issue, they contact our telephone helpdesk by phone, email or through the online client portal.  All reported issues are logged and investigated as set out in the service level agreement (SLA).  Our engineers will use options such as remote dial-in to investigate the issue for the client and attempt to diagnose and resolve the reported issues.

The client portal gives our contract clients access to our knowledge base which is specific to the client’s site, review open tickets and see what tickets have been logged into the system (by call, email or via the portal) over the last week, month, quarter, etc. Clients can also escalate their own calls via the Portal.

The nature of Helpdesk Support has changed massively over the years and the level of support and assistance you can get from our Helpdesk Team, in the majority of cases, allows the issues to be resolved in a much faster manner.

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Remote Support

As part of our commitment to getting issues resolved as quickly as possible for our clients, we also provide Remote Support. This means that we can (in most cases) log into our clients’ PCs/Servers via a secure channel from our offices and get to the source of the problem within a few minutes. We have found that most issues are resolved within 30 minutes.

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Onsite Support

When Helpdesk Support or our Remote Support doesn’t resolve an issue we can dispatch an engineer (or team) to your offices to resolve the issue on-site. For our contract clients, our response times are guaranteed and part of the contract.  For all other clients we use a priority system where the most critical problems are addressed first.

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